Custom Programs

Sarus also designs and collaborates on custom programs that leverage our network and  advance the mission of our organization. We currently run two custom programs:

Sports for Social Change

Offered in partnership with Volunteers in Asia (VIA), Sports for Social Change's goal is to build an authentic multicultural community oriented around shared values and a common mission of building sports capacity on a community and organizational level.

All participants (university students from Cambodia, Vietnam, and the United States) attend an in-country orientation in which they learn about the program, undergo training on leadership and community building, and begin to form their own community.

The exchange program follows, in which participants spend two weeks in Cambodia and two weeks in Vietnam. During the exchange, participants coach 5-day soccer camps in each country. Participants coach basic soccer skills, game rules, and teach life lessons workshops for a wide range of age groups. The participant groups also enjoy excursions to the countryside and regional highlights. Through these experiences, participants gain skills in leadership, coaching, mentoring, cross-cultural/nonviolent communication, critical thinking, and community building.

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Youth Connections: Northeast Asia to Southeast Asia

Offered in partnership with Hiroshima Jogakuin University in Japan, this 10-day program exploring global issues, peace and conflict, and leadership is open to female Japanese students. The program is centered around experiential learning, where participants visit nonprofits and complete service projects.

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We are always open to exploring new avenues for collaboration on custom programs, so if you're interested in learning more, please contact us.