the big picture


From climate change to natural resource shortages to terrifying new epidemics, the twenty first century poses challenges unimaginable just a few decades ago. New communication technologies along with increasingly globalized economies and accessible international travel infrastructure have led to a level of interconnectivity between peoples of different value systems and worldviews never seen before. There is an unprecedented opportunity for international collaboration to design solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges. However, in order to seize this opportunity, tomorrow’s leaders must have the skills to manage and transform deeply-rooted conflict grounded in cultural, religious, and political differences. Sarus challenges the next generation of changemakers to transform today’s conflicts into tomorrow’s solutions.

the challenge


Our Mission Statement

Sarus inspires and empowers the next generation of future leaders to build a peaceful and prosperous Asia.



We envision a future in which Sarus alumni remain deeply connected to each other and committed to our mission, vision, and values for the rest of their lives. As they become leaders in their workplaces, communities, and countries, they will form a core nexus of regional engagement, collaboration and innovation, thereby building sustainable peace and prosperity on a regional level.



As an organization dedicated to clarity of purpose, we have an operational theory of change that we use on a regular basis to guide our work and make important organizational and programmatic decisions. The overarching goal of our organization, as articulated in the theory of change, is to create a diverse, international network of adaptive leaders who act as catalysts of change to foster open, inclusive, and resilient communities. We believe that our programs are on track to achieve this goal, and as a self-reflective, learning organization we continually re-evaluate our work and make substantive changes each year so as to have maximum impact.