Our values

Conflict Transformation

We believe conflict is inherent to the human condition and do not shy away from it in fear. Rather, we face conflict courageously with an open mind and open heart and with the knowledge that conflict can be transformed into knowledge, skills, and human progress.


We believe in being our true selves no matter where we are and whom we are with. Our words & actions reflect who we are and who we want to become. We realize we have much to learn about ourselves and we support and encourage each other in our process of self-discovery. A corollary of this value is the premium we place on inclusivity. We want everyone to feel welcome in our community to feel they can be express themselves authentically in our company.


We believe in doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it, and doing it to the best of our ability. This is to say, we take commitments very seriously. Accountability is essential to us successfully collaborating and achieving maximum impact in our work.


We are cognizant of the transient nature of all things. For this reason, we build from the core and empower others so that our labor can be passed on to others. On a philosophical level, sustainability for us entails consistently and forever breathing life in our mission, vision, and values. On a practical level, it means investing the extra time and labor to document our work and train others

Learning Approach

We believe that mistakes are opportunities for growth. We are bold and adventurous and take measured risks in order to grow, learn, and improve. Over time, our community and our impact will broaden and deepen as a result. Essential to our learning approach is reflection and thoughtfulness.


We believe in the power of humor to break down the walls that divide us and bring people together. We believe the best humor is inclusive and gives energy, joy, and spirit to others. We approach humor with deep humility and take particular pleasure in laughing at ourselves.

Humility & Empathy

We recognize the fundamental limits of our knowledge, skills, and understanding of the world we occupy. We believe that humility is essential to transforming conflict and overcoming the burdens and pain of the past. We revel in the transformative possibilities available only by shedding our egos and walking in the shoes of “the other.”


We believe innovation to be at the heart of the spirit and the history of humanity. We strive to innovate for the benefit of ourselves and others. We value tapping into the inherent creativity and resourcefulness that all human possess. We dream boldly and take risks for the sake of bettering our communities and societies.


We believe in communicating clearly and completely our motivations, intentions, preferences, concerns, fears and desired outcomes. By being clear and explicit in our communication with all stakeholders, we can present ourselves to world more clearly, build trust, avoid misunderstanding, and have maximum impact in the long-term.


Difference spawns learning and growth. We value diversity in its manifest forms, including but not limited to: ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. We also value diversity of ideas, beliefs, styles, tastes, and personalities. The more diverse and inclusive our community, the richer and stronger we become.