Welcome to Sarus.

We're an organization committed to building better relationships between bordering countries with histories of distrust - in short, a world beyond borders. We are achieving this through the design and implementation of a first-of-its-kind student exchange program - one that has seen remarkable success in Cambodia and Vietnam and has now expanded to Bangladesh and Myanmar. Our name comes from the majestic Sarus Crane, an endangered species that migrates between Cambodia and Vietnam to make its home in long-standing marshlands. It is at once an indicator of the beauty that can exist between these two countries, and a reminder of the fragility of current relations, fraught with a history of conflict.

Our Program

Sarus programs promote peace between neighboring countries with a history of conflict by bringing together an equal number of university students from both countries for a month of physically and mentally demanding service. Students learn to reflect, work in and as a team, share insights, and negotiate conflict productively.


Our Students

We're not shy about our highly selective admissions process. We look for the most promising youth leaders from each country, counting on the fact that as waves of alumni reach the upper echelons of society, they will influence policies and change public opinion about their neighboring country.


Our Impact

We're building a peaceful future through mutual understanding between countries. We're inspiring future leaders, creating community and economic connections, and addressing social issues that span borders. It's a heady challenge, and we're excited for what the future holds - a world truly beyond borders.